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Evidence Series Cassette – Evidence of . . .

The Evidence Series started in the late 90’s. Some of the releases have been listed and acknowledged, there are many that were not. The main idea was to make some type of recording and just leave it laying around in a public space without any information connecting it to anyone. This was quite easy to do in a city setting. Multiple copies of some were mailed to friends in different cities and they agreed that they would follow this same process.

Originally these recordings were anonymous. As the series grew, the importance of this became less and the nature of the content became the primary focus.
The audio on this current release was found on an old tape from around 1991, while I was looking through cassettes, trying to locate any additional material related to a different project. Remembering back, It struck me how over 30 years ago the world was in just as much chaos and turmoil.

The sound is minimal and almost somber in a meditative manner. Short, though effective in its nature, I almost wished they had been loop tapes instead. I can feel the overlapping juxtaposition of the world, then and now.

The tape is in an Evidence bag with a 10 or 11 minute cassette (clear or smoky), a 4 x 6 photo and writings attached to back of the picture.
The recordings are from 1991.
Edition of 48


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